Check out some of my interesting projects:

Improving public space in Woodstock, a neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa. Completed as my Interactive Qualifying Project on a team of five students. Completed Oct. 24 - Dec. 15 2018

This was my original online protfolio, styled using neomorphism. It is built using HTML, SASS, and JavaScipt.

Goat-Anon Mobile is an annonymous social media discussion application that allows users to create, like, dislike, and reply to posts. Built in: React Native, Expo, and Firebase

Implemented a step-wise greedy algorithm that classifies a face image as either smiling or not smiling using 5 pairs of pixels trained on 2000 images. Built in: Python, Numpy, Matplotlib.

Fully operational web application that retrieves the recommended URL's for a specific Twitter user using 4 different recommendation models. Built using: M.E.R.N Stack, Twitter API, and more