Old Website: Neomorphism


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This is my original personal website. I wanted to create an online portfolio, and I was really intrigued by this new style called neomorphism. Neomorphism creates the appearance of 3 dimensional objects on a webpage. So instead of a website with elements appearing flat and generic, my website was intended to pop off the screen and draw in viewers.

Build Using

HTML, SASS, JavaScript, hosted on Netlify

Different Pages

Much like my current website, this website also showcased my skills, projects, and personal talents. There are multiple pages, and they all use the same neomorphic aesthetic.

Why I Decided to Not use it:

I was nearly completion of the website, when I started to begin to see some major flaws. The neomorphic style looked cool, but the website was saturated in the style to the point where it was clunky. I really wanted my website to be quick and dynamic, but the heavy styling seemed to prevent this. Additionally, the site is built using HTML, SASS, and JavaScript, which worked fine, but it required a lot of manual work to write pages and create elements. Additionally, every time I wanted to add a new project page, I would write out the HTML, and it took ages to style correctly. Thus, I abandoned the website in favor of the current one built using Gatsby. The original website now remains as a relic, and is still very aesthetic in my opinion. If you do explore it, be aware that many links to not work and overall it lacks full functionality.